Planned Giving

Creating a meaningful philanthropic legacy is a task many deem impossible, but with the Greater Grand Island Community Foundation and our opportunities of planned giving, creating a legacy is not far out of reach.

What is Planned Giving?

Simply put, "planned giving" is the transfer of assets to a specified fund during your lifetime or as part of an estate plan. Planned giving is a win-win approach to philanthropic donations that supports your passion and can benefit you now or in the future. This approach to giving is "planned" because often these assets are not liquid, have tax consequences, and are usually given through a will or other written means.

How Does Planned Giving Work?

Giving a planned gift is relatively simple. Including the Greater Grand Island Community Foundation in your donation to your favorite cause can be done in several ways. Whether it's naming your nonprofit of choice in your will or trust, gifting house or property, or other assets, we will work with you to find your best way to give.

What kind of assets can be involved?

Assets like cash, property, life insurance policies, trusts, or retirement plans entrusted to the Greater Grand Island Community Foundation through a will or estate can be involved in planned giving.


When can someone donate?

A planned gift can be started at any point in life and updated as often as possible.


What are the benefits of giving "planned gifts?

Giving through the Greater Grand Island Community Foundation is an effective way for donors to achieve their philanthropic goals and planned giving allows that goal to be made possible at any point in your life. Benefits include:

  • Establishing one account to benefit multiple purposes
  • Gifting assets that maximize tax benefits
  • Distributing grants anywhere in the United States or abroad
  • Guaranteed long-term adherence to donor wishes
  • Family-based philanthropy services
  • Earnings are added to accounts tax-free
  • Benefits of a private foundation without the added expenses and administrative burden
  • Professional investment management of funds
  • Record keeping convenience

The Greater Grand Island Community Foundation is here to help you accomplish your charitable goals.

Legacy Society Membership

Donors who include the Greater Grand Island Community Foundation in their will or estate plans will be recognized as a distinguished member of our Legacy Society.

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