Legacy Society

Gloria and Bud Wolbach photoGloria and Bud Wolbach were community philanthropists and known for their dedication, kindness, and contributions to worthwhile causes. Bud and Gloria were long time supporters of the Foundation and were the inspiration for the Legacy Society.

The Greater Grand Island Community Foundation established the Legacy Society to extend appreciation to those who donate to the future of the foundation with a gift through their will or estate plan. Through this group, we recognize those special people who are committed to turning their passion into purpose. Through your giving, you can enrich the lives of others and create a legacy that lasts for generations to come.


How it works

Donors who include the Greater Grand Island Community Foundation in their will or estate plans, through the types of planned giving, or contribute to an existing fund become members of the GGICF legacy society. This membership is open to any donor giving any size of gift in their will or estate plan.

Why join the Legacy Society

In addition to the personal satisfaction you receive from your philanthropy, you will also receive an invitation to special gatherings, name recognition on our website and in the annual report, and gift of acknowledgment to the individual or family upon notification of an eligible gift. These benefits become available to anyone leaving a legacy, whether it is through creating a new fund or contributing to an existing fund.

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GGICF Legacy Society

  • Anonymous
  • W.J. Arrasmith*
  • Theodore Bielfeldt*
  • Roger and Susan Bullington
  • Frances Cronin*
  • Duane D. Curtin*
  • Mila Gappa DeKok
  • Doug and Diane DeMers
  • Jackson W. Dinsdale*
  • Clara and Henry Dixon
  • Harold R. Dunlap*
  • Jill and Doug Fargo
  • James Foster
  • William and Kay Fowles
  • Muriel E. Freeman*
  • Mabel Sterne Geer*
  • Dick Glade*
  • Kenneth L. Gnadt*
  • William* and Agnes Gomes
  • Ann L. Hall*
  • Robert Hemje
  • Jessica Hendricks
  • Ellen Hornady
  • Larry E. Huwaldt
  • Donald and Sharon Jelinek
  • Arthur Klinkacek*
  • Ann C. Lacy*
  • Ralph and Lorraine Laskowski*
  • Scott and Glenda Mason
  • Dee Price
  • Clara M. Paulsen*
  • Orville Qualsett
  • Jim* and Faye Rassmussen
  • Carl C. Rebman*
  • Russ and Kim Rerucha
  • George C. Smaha
  • Lary and Judy Taylor
  • Ernie Thayer*
  • Faye Wagner*
  • Louis M. Westre*
  • Dave and Gerene Williams
  • Bud and Gloria Wolbach*
  • E.J. Wolbach* (Original bequest that started the Greater Grand Island Community Foundation)

* These legacies have been realized

Turning Passion into Purpose.